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Zycus Hiring Fresher Software Engineer – Testing


Zycus is a pioneer in Cognitive Procurement software and has been a trusted partner of choice for large global enterprises for two decades. Zycus has been consistently recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and other analysts for its Source to Pay integrated suite.

Zycus powers its S2P software with the revolutionary Merlin AI Suite. Merlin AI takes over the tactical tasks and empowers procurement and AP officers to focus on strategic projects; offers data-driven actionable insights for quicker and smarter decisions, and its conversational AI offers a B2C-type user experience to the end-users.

If you are someone with a flawless programming foundation and a penchant for breaking others’ code, then this role could just be a perfect fit for you. Expand your career by becoming a Software Engineer -Testing at Zycus.

Job Designation: Angular Software Developer

Qualification:   Bachelor’s degree

Experience: Freshers

Skill Set :

  1. Should have strong Programming Skills and Automation mindset.
  2. Should have a solid understanding of testing principles and methodologies.
  3. Can code in at least one scripting or programming language (Java/JavaScript/ Typescript).
  4. Should be able to write UI as well as API automated tests.
  5. Be familiar with API testing.
  6. Should be highly proficient at debugging issues.
  7. Should understand CI/CD concepts and Build pipelines.
  8. Should know the services offered by cloud platform providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  9. Should have strong Problem Solving and Analytical Skills.
  10. Understand the architecture of web applications and the general client-server model.
  11. Should be aware of basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts.
  12. Should be comfortable in working with teams using the Sprint/Scrum methodology of agile.

Job Description :

As a Software Engineer Testing at Zycus, you will be part of an agile team, which ideates, designs, and develops innovative solutions for Zycus Products and develops software to test the code, write automation framework, and do automation testing to improve the product quality.

Write automated integration tests, API tests, and/or UI automation tests. In an agile environment, where we work in short sprints or iterations and each sprint is focused on only a few requirements or user stories, the role of a Test Engineer becomes very important as they help in increasing efficiency as well as reliability for the applications under test by replacing manual repetitive tasks with automation. In this role, you will be primarily responsible for automating test cases as well as writing reusable scripts/tools that help the team to reduce repetitive efforts.

Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune

Apply Link: Click Here

How to Prepare For this Job:

Navigating the Path to a Tech Role: Building a Strong Foundation

In the dynamic landscape of technology, aspiring professionals often find themselves faced with the challenge of acquiring a diverse skill set. If you're eyeing a role that demands a robust blend of programming prowess, testing acumen, and a keen understanding of modern development practices, here's a roadmap to help you prepare.

1. Programming Proficiency: The Core Foundation

At the heart of any technology-oriented role is a solid foundation in programming. Rather than just being familiar with languages like Java, JavaScript, or TypeScript, strive to cultivate a deep understanding. Embrace the logic behind the code, hone your problem-solving skills, and explore various programming paradigms. The goal is not just to write code but to craft elegant and efficient solutions.

2. Testing Principles and Methodologies: Unveiling the QA World

To excel in roles emphasizing testing, it's crucial to grasp the fundamental principles and methodologies. Understand the intricacies of both UI and API automated tests. Dive into the world of API testing, ensuring you can seamlessly navigate and validate the interactions between different software systems. A strong testing foundation is the cornerstone of delivering robust and error-free applications.

3. Debugging Mastery: Resolving Issues with Precision

In the complex world of software development, the ability to debug effectively is a priceless skill. Cultivate a keen eye for identifying and resolving issues promptly. Delve into the root causes of problems, develop a systematic approach to troubleshooting, and familiarize yourself with debugging tools relevant to your chosen programming languages.

4. CI/CD Concepts and Build Pipelines: Streamlining Development

In the era of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), understanding the concepts and practices is indispensable. Comprehend how build pipelines work and their role in automating the software delivery process. This knowledge not only showcases your awareness of modern development workflows but also demonstrates your commitment to efficiency and quality assurance.

5. Cloud Platform Proficiency: Bridging the Gap

As businesses increasingly leverage cloud services, familiarity with major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud becomes pivotal. Explore their services, understand the basics of deployment, and grasp the integration possibilities. Proficiency in cloud platforms enhances your versatility, making you an asset in a tech landscape shaped by scalable and distributed systems.

6. Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills: The Crucial Differentiator

Beyond technical expertise, successful professionals possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Cultivate the ability to approach challenges systematically, break down complex issues, and derive effective solutions. Showcase your analytical mindset in both your problem-solving approach and decision-making processes.

7. Understanding Web Application Architecture: The Big Picture

A holistic understanding of web application architecture and the client-server model is indispensable. Familiarize yourself with the structure of web applications, their components, and the interactions that drive user experiences. This knowledge not only enhances your technical acumen but also positions you as someone who sees the bigger picture in the development lifecycle.

8. OOP Concepts: Bridging Theory and Practice

Basic Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts serve as a common language in the tech world. Ensure you're comfortable applying these principles in your coding practices. It's not just about knowing the theory but also about incorporating OOP concepts seamlessly into your codebase, fostering maintainability and scalability.

9. Agile Methodology: Collaboration in Action

In the collaborative landscape of modern development, familiarity with Agile methodologies, particularly the Sprint/Scrum framework, is invaluable. Embrace the principles of iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability. Showcase your ability to work effectively within a team, contributing to the collective goal of delivering high-quality software in a timely manner.

Conclusion: Building Your Tech Arsenal

Embarking on a journey to prepare for a role with a multifaceted skill set requires dedication and a strategic approach. By delving into programming, testing, debugging, CI/CD, cloud platforms, problem-solving, architecture, OOP, and Agile methodologies, you'll build a robust foundation. Remember, it's not just about ticking off skills but about integrating them seamlessly into your problem-solving toolkit. As you navigate this path, stay curious, be persistent, and enjoy the continuous learning that comes with a career in technology. Good luck!

Apply link: click here


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